Full Marathon




Training Locations & Details

Fountain Valley & Mission Viejo

Saturday 7:00 AM

Back Bay Loop
Muth Interpretive Center
2301 University Dr
Newport Beach 92660

Brea & Monrovia

Parking lot behind office buildings at 130 St. College
(located across from Brea Mall)
130 S State College Blvd
Brea, CA 92821

Start Dates:

October 13 – March 23 2019 (Brea Only)

Potential goal races:

3/2/19 – So Cal Marathon

3/3/19 – Napa Valley Marathon

3/9/19 – Catalina Island Marathon

3/16/19 – Napa Valley Trail Marathon

3/24/19 – Los Angeles Marathon

4/28/19 – Big Sur Marathon

May 25 – Oct 13 (Back Bay Only)

Potential goal races:

10/13/19 – Chicago Marathon

10/13/19 – Long Beach Marathon

10/27/19 – Marine Corp Marathon

11/3/19 – New York Marathon


Marathon training doesn’t have to be a daunting proposition. Our Full Marathon training program gives you the accountability you seek to reach your goal with the camaraderie of group training – whether this is your first marathon or you’re a veteran marathoner.

We offer a 20-week training program including coached weekend long runs and the option to participate in a coached weeknight runs with 10K Running class. During your training, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in injury prevention, nutrition and Good Form Running clinics.

We recommend that you have either completed our Half Marathon training or have completed a half marathon in the last six months; or that you have been running at least 3-4 days per week for 4-6 months. You must be able to complete a six mile run on the first day of the course.

NOTE: Race registration and other race fees are not included in Running Academy enrollment.

All classes also provide you with informative training workshops on:

Good Form Running, including a video gait analysis
Footwear, apparel and accessory
Sport-specific strength training
Nutrition, and more…