“I dare you to train for a marathon and not have it change your life.”  – Susan Sidoriak

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Full Marathon

Marathon training doesn’t have to be a daunting proposition. Our Full Marathon training program gives you the accountability you seek to reach your goal with the camaraderie of group training  – whether this is your first marathon or you’re a veteran marathoner.

We offer a 20-week training program including coached weekend long runs and the option to participate in a coached weeknight runs with 10K Running class. During your training, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in injury prevention, nutrition and Good Form Running clinics.

We recommend that you have either completed our Half Marathon training or have completed a half marathon in the last six months; or that you have been running at least 3-4 days per week for 4-6 months. You must be able to complete a six mile run on the first day of the course.

NOTE: Race registration and other race fees are not included in Running Academy enrollment.

All classes also provide you with informative training workshops on:

  • Good Form Running, including a video gait analysis
  • Footwear, apparel and accessory
  • Sport-specific strength training
  • Nutrition, and more…

Potential Goal Races

St. George Marathon – St. George, UT


Long Beach Marathon- Long Beach, CA

26.2M, 13.1M, 5K run

Chicago Marathon- Chicago, IL


Humboldt Redwoods Marathon – Humboldt Redwoods State Park


Rock ‘n’ Roll Washington DC – Washington, DC

26.2M, 13.1M, 5K run

Marine Corps Marathon – Arlington, VA


New York City Marathon – New York, NY


Enrollment is NOW OPEN!

Classes will begin May 19, 2018 for all locations

Regular: $199.00

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Training Locations

Fountain Valley, Mission Viejo, Brea, Monrovia

Saturday 7:00 AM

Back Bay Loop
Muth Interpretive Center
2301 University Dr
Newport Beach 92660

Full Marathon Coaches

  • Michael Schwartz
    Michael Schwartz
Michael Schwartz

If you’re running your first marathon or 31st marathon, Mike will help you avoid the common mistakes that most runners can make. His approach to appreciating your running environment will give you more smiles per mile, and his attention to detail will get you across the finish line with less effort, ready to sign up for your next marathon. As of the 2015 OC Marathon, Mike has run 36 marathons and numerous races of shorter distances, some on pavement and some on dirt trails. He also volunteers as a pacer at the Surf City and OC Marathons every year. Mike’s daily workout is being a UPS driver. He lives in Lake Forest with his talkative cockatiel, Eddie.

Contact: Michael.Schwartz@asnailspace.net