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Join us for our next Good Form Running clinic to learn the 4 basic steps to running with good form. The goal is simple – run efficiently. Learn how the 4 steps – posture, midfoot, cadence and lean, can reduce your risk of injury, reduce recovery time and in some cases make you faster.

Your session begins with taking a short running video of each participant. First with shoes, then barefoot. The difference? Running barefoot forces you to run in a more natural position. We can then compare your first two videos to your form post-GFR training.

Next, we go into each of the 4 steps of GFR.

– Posture, putting your body in the right starting point
– Midfoot, ensuring you do not overstride, but land softly under your hips
-Cadence, shortening your stride and taking more step
– Lean, using gravity to generate forward momentum

Lastly, we record you one last time to compare your stride using GFR, and point out any areas for improvement.